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Oupushi VR8-C Ceiling Speaker (with Sub-woofer)


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VR series unique filter switches provide 0/-3dB filters for subwoofer / tweeter. The button of the switch is positioned on the front panel of the loudspeaker box, and the installer and the user can set the output level of the speaker according to the design of the house, the specific application, or the individual’s preference.

The Nomex Stratum multilayer diaphragm – VR series uses a Nomex Stratum layered diaphragm to show a smooth low frequency response. Nomex Stratum layered tissue membrane which is composed of Nomex material pressed glass fiber layer clamping honeycomb structure, the diaphragm has a rigid diaphragm, good damping and reliability, the laminated structure of diaphragm in low frequency performance and excellent frequency smooth sweet warm.


Natural silk tweeter – the diaphragm with high stability of resin damping coating, to smooth the work frequency response, VR series of tweeter than most soft dome tweeter more power, more stable image. The treble head can be rotated with a full tilt of 30 degrees so that you can adjust the pitch angle according to the actual listening environment so as to get the best listening effect.

The professional design technology with the precise selection of top divider element 6,12,18dB/oct filter frequency points, so that each speaker in the best band of a seamless heavenly robe, in the tweeter with automatic overload protection switch polyimide in high power to ensure that, in the case of the tweeter is not damaged.


Stable and durable structure: speaker unit using Nomex Stratum multilayer diaphragm materials can provide sound perfect performance in various Home Furnishing environment, have a fever level large current wire to ensure a better signal transmission, stainless steel hardware and dustproof aluminum surface net solid, which can guarantee the long distant voice.



  • 8 “ceiling speakers.”
  • Bass: 8 “Nomex Stratum multilayer vibration film, reverse concave rubber ring, 21.8oz magnet steel, 35mm (1.4)” voice coil.
  • High note: natural silk ball, top sound film, 25mm (1) voice coil, magnetic fluid cooling, NdFeB magnet, treble can rotate freely in 30 degrees.
  • Frequency divider: modified phenolic resin, PCB board, -18dB/Oct low-pass filter, -18dB/Oct high pass filter, treble PTC overload protection.
  • Resonant frequency: 40Hz
  • Frequency response: 40Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 86dB/W/M
  • Recommended power amplifier: 10-120Watts
  • Impedance: 8ohm
  • Hole size: 250mm (9.85)
  • Accessories: aluminium net, aluminium net hook, open hole template, spray paint card and instruction manual.
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