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Surpass 7 Inch 2zones wall Amplifier




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Certification ce, RoHS, FCC
Brand Name SURPASS
Model Number SP-PW7825
Type Mini Amplifier
Channels 8 (7.1)
Place of Origin China
Power Supply AC220V(50HZ) compatible 90V-250V
Load 4-8Ω
RMS Output Power 8x25W
Audio S/N Ratio Audio S/N Ratio
Audio Zone 2 zone for audio
Zone Volume Control 2 zones
Blue tooth Distance Up to 10 meters
Display 7 inch IPS Display
Dimension 186.5*122*48.8mm
Wire Box Size 181*114*70mm

Product Description

Home Cinema Theater Smart Android Wall Amplifier 7inch Screen Keypad Music Panel Amp

Smart Android Wall Amplifier Parameters:
• Power Supply: AC220V(50HZ) compatible 90V-250V
• Load: 4-8Ω
• RMS Output Power: 8x25W
• Audio S/N Ratio: ≥98dB
• Audio Zone: 2 zone for audio
• Zone Volume Control: 2 zones
• Wi-Fi: 2.4G up to 20 meters
• Infrared Remote Control Distance: up to 10 meters
• Blue tooth Distance: Up to 10 meters
• Blue tooth Version: 5.0
• RAM: 1GB/2GB
• ROM: 8GB/16GB
• Display: 7 inch IPS Display
• Resolution: 1024*600
• Audio Input: 1 group
• Audio Output: 1 group
• Wire Box Size: 181*114*70mm
• Dimension: 186.5*122*48.8mm

Smart Android Wall Amplifier Features:
1. Cortex1.2G quad-core CPU, 7inch multi-touch capacitive screen 1024*600 IPS HD resolution.
2. Android 5.0 system.
3. The APK software supports remote control of mobile devices such as mobile phones and pads.
4. The installation of APP on the mobile device can turn the mobile device into a wireless mouse, flying squirrel, wireless
trackpad, remote control, wireless keyboard, wireless camera, wireless microphone, and the same screen mirroring.
5. Support DLNA, Airplay, Qplay and other protocols, you can push mobile phone music, videos, pictures, files, APK to the wall amplifier panel for playback or installation.
6. Support for pairing with external Blue tooth devices such as mobile phones to achieve audio playback, you can control the playback of music from external Blue tooth devices in two directions, and you can set Blue tooth to turn on or off.
7. Support HD HDMI output 1080P.
8. Support external equipment to control the machine through RS485 (optional function).
9. Eight-channel speaker output, support two zones volume adjustment, two zones treble and bass adjustment separately.
10. Support two zones audio source to play separately (such as zone-one to play local audio source, and zone-two to play Bluetooth audio source)
11. Support audio input function.
12. Support audio output function.
13. Support subwoofer access.
14. Support the function of network set-top box, and watch online movies and TV programs at will.
15. Support TF card playback.
16. Support WIFI connection.
17. Support various types of Android software installation.
18. Support infrared remote control.
19. Support multi-languages as setting.


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