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Tenon A7X Smart Door Lock


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A7X Automatic Fingerprint Smart Face Recognition Door Lock

A7x is the first 3D face recognition smart lock in Tenon, and we deeply explore the “intelligence” base on the market needs of the modern smart lock industry. The camera simulates the human eye to obtain three-dimensional data,and then builds a 3D model.

A7X Automatic Fingerprint Smart Face Recognition Door Lock Main Function:
1. 3D face recognition, stereo modeling and visual imaging 2. Highly sensitive biometric fingerprint recognition, the more you use it, the more sensitive it is 3. Fully automatic unlocking, can be used by the elderly and children 4. One-key defense function, no fear of going out for a long time 5. Doorbell function, one-click Ding Dong reminds visitors to visit 6. Double core double system inside and outside the door, strong anti-interference ability 7. No handle design, integrated and convenient door opening


Basic Specification:
User Capacity: 100 Groups
Unlocking Way: Fingerprint + Password + Card + Mechanical Key + Remote Control ( Optional)
Operation System: Classic Voice Prompt
Power Battery: 8PCS* AA Alkaline Battery
Emergency Power: 5V , USB
Alarming Voltage: <4.8V
Material:Plates: Zinc Alloy
Mortise Lock: 304 Stainless Steel
Keypad Screen Material: Tempering Glass
Working Environment: Temperature:-20℃-80℃
Electric Character: Static Current:≤40μA
Dynamic Current:≤140mA


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