Frequently Asked Questions

The List of FAQs is by no means exhaustive. However if you have any other concern Feel free to contact us directly.
1When will my package arrive?
For customers in Lagos, orders placed before 9:00am will ship the same business day and arrive same day or next day. For Customers outside Lagos, orders will be delivered between 3 to 4 days depending on your location.
2How can I track my package?
For orders outside Lagos, we will send you a tracking number and shipping information.
3What are your hours and contact information?
Contact hours are 9am to 7pm on 08144547719
1What is your return policy?
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 10 days of original shipped date, and we'll replace it or refund the cost of the item (excluding shipping fees). Please Note: Minisim is unable to accept any item that is not returned within 10 days of shipment, in new condition and in all original packaging.
2I returned my purchase, how will I know you received it?
Once your return has been received in our office, you will receive an automated emails, confirming receipt of your package. We suggest waiting 5 business days before you contact us about a return.
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1Are there any current discounts or coupons?
You can sign up to receive emails with upcoming products and promotion/coupon codes by clicking here.
2How do I unsubscribe from your email?
Login to My Account to unsubscribe from our emails.
3Why am I being charged Sales Tax?
Sales tax are requirements by Government.
4How secure are my information?
We ensure the security of all transaction data by using advanced security solution provider so your information is in excellent hands. Online shopping had never been safer and easier
5How do I change the email address on my account?
Login to My Account to change your email address.

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